One World Government is the Phoenix based group, composed by Paul Barrett who is the lead vocalist, bassist and founder of the project; and James Linton who plays the guitar and oversees all studio engineering. The duo have recently released the brilliant “Souls For Robots” which speaks of our lack of understanding or perhaps, involvement in the spiritual realities of existence.

For me personally, there’s nothing better than listening to music that is meaningful and stretches our imagination… It’s one of the best methods for learning, when one’s perception is challenged, forcing us to look at things from a different perspective in order to come to different conclusions, that we normally might dismiss as non-sense. “Wisdom is of all”, I was told…. “When one comes to you full of wisdom, listen and heed for wisdom is of ALL.”

Lyrics such as “Signs and symbols guide us, destination: far away, masks of diversion hide us, from finding it here today”, highlight Paul’s extraordinary songwriting abilities, while “Spirit comes before me now and he whispers time for change” will awaken even the darkest of souls and fill them with glorious universal light. Seriously, One World Government drops gem after gem and while their soundscape is dreamy and introspective, the execution is super creative, indulging and transparent. The arrangement is unpredictable and engaging while the delivery is masterful!

Pink Floyd 2.0 anyone?


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