Having successfully released “Egyptian Surfer” in 2012 and “Unnecessary Commentary” in the summer of 2016, Matt Hurray is back with more incredible material!

Be prepared for more off-the-wall, revitalising, kick-ass guitar licks, as the surf rock aficionado releases a series of EP’s with covers of songs that originally influenced his music.

The first issue of the series is titled “Diamond Head Dumb Head” and it consists of four songs: The Rising Surf (originally performed by The Tandems), Walk, Don’t Run (originally performed by The Ventures), Monterey Sunset ((originally performed by The Hoodoo Gurus), and Penetration (originally performed by The Challengers).

If you’ve listened to Matt Hurray’s music before, then you know you’re in for a good time! The guitar matador is on a whole another level when it comes to finessing those chords. The transcendental connection between him and his guitar is felt by the listener… Then theres the passion, the flair, the skill and technique, the attention to detail, the controlled execution, the timing etc… all of which he makes look so easy but are probably far from…

A real pleasure to listen to, it offers a short experience which you’ll want to repeat time and time again. Whether you’re having a beer with guests, whether you’re studying for your exams, or playing it in the shower, it will have you in great spirits in zero time! Richly textured, melodically exquisite and executed with precision, it stands as a great release perfect for any occasion. With upcoming shows booked all the way through to the summer 2017 and another EP release scheduled for March 2017, the year is lining up to be a productive and fruitful one for the explosive guitarist!




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