“Unecessary Comment” is a creative and bold independent release which features no vocals whatsoever as it is purely driven by genius instrumentalism and love for surf rock music. Seriously, we doubt you’ll hear a much better instrumental compilation than this one! The album comprises 18 feel good songs, all written, performed, and recorded between the winter of 2013 and the spring of 2016 and released on July 29th, 2016.

Released earlier in the summer, “Unnecessary Comment” is the second surf rock album from far-sighted composer/guitarist Matt Hurray who is accompanied by Jim Rice (Additional Guitars), Peter Freiberger (Bass Guitar), Gary Ferguson (Drums), Danny Timms (Keyboards) and Gary Brandin (Steel Guitar) and additional guest musicians Chris Cruttenden (Ukulele on June Solstice) and Ron Finn (Additional Guitar on Corduroy).

We must say that it really is a great experience listening to it – It’s uplifting, nurturing and vintage. Blending timeless guitars with hypnotic drums, Matt has created an original, natural sounding album full of great and inspiring moments!

It starts with the complex “El Rollo” – An edgy and witty intro which sets the pace for the rest of the album, followed by the cheeky “Corduroy” and the stylish “Black Sand Tan”. “Unnecessary Comment” continues to flow with “June Solstice” and it evolves thereafter into a rather amazing and solid project. All the tracks have great texture and the sounds are rich, making it easy for the listener to just sit back and appreciate it, specially as each track is outdone by the next, it gets better with each play!

What we most like about it, is that it proves to be a rousing showcase of the artist’s talent, delivered with tangible passion and performed with amazing technique. We had high expectations for it, as it’s not everyday that we get to listen and review a surf rock instrumental album, but it needs to be said – Matt Hurray more than met these expectations, he surpassed them with this thoughtful and wonder-filled masterpiece. We hope you guys feel the same, have a listen below!


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