Thread and think carefully before you actually dive into the dark and muddy waters of POLISH JANGSTA’s first full length release entitled “POLISH’ED”.

We don’t really know whether this album was made as some sort of sick joke by some kind of marketing genius, looking to cash in during an era of senseless entertainment, or if indeed, it was put together as a serious project for the masses. It’s really hard to tell…

One thing remains true though. We doubt you’ll ever hear anything like this anywhere else so the irony of it all is that, in its essence, “POLISH’ED” is a rather unique piece of work… but is it actually any good? Well, as they say… beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

Available on bandacamp, ‘POLISH’ED’ features 24 tracks in total which is already rare in this day and age, and the overall undertone of it is dark, moody, aggressive and quite frankly non-sensical – That is perhaps what makes POLISH JANGSTA so fascinating in the first place. It’s that “I don’t give a f*ck” attitude combined with the fact that he believes in himself which makes it hard to ignore him.

Would I let my children hear it? No. Would I want to play it on the way to work? Unless I want to have a car accident – HELL NO!!! But would I play it at a rave just for laughs? Perhaps… And this is where I think POLISH JANGSTA might do well. He is an explicit novelty act which could quickly gather a following of millions if he was to make the right moves with the right marketing. X Factor springs to mind, although he wouldn’t be allowed on stage. So the ideal platform for the artist would be Instagram – the parallel universe where the weirder and crazier you are, the more chances you get of becoming an overnight superstar, which is what we believe the best move would be for the outspoken artist.

In terms of production, you can expect a left-field, anarchic-mash, punk-rap type of soundscape with the most explicit language possibly ever recorded in a single album. Would go down a treat in an illegal rave…

Delivery-wise, the lyrics are witty, clever and bold although the flow and delivery itself could be much, much better. His voice somehow also reminds me of legendary UK rapper ‘Skinnyman’ but the engineering and content is what I believe actually let’s him down. Nevertheless, we are all entitled to our own opinions and mine is not necessarily a voice of authority. Go ahead and give it a go, and let us know what you think about it, but bear in mind that if you’re the sensitive type, then it is definitely not for you! You have been warned. Enjoy…

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